Guarantee Sale Program

Guarantee Sale Program

I Will Sell Your Home at a Price Acceptable to You Guaranteed or I Will Buy it for Cash!*  

Thank you for coming to my guarantee sale information page.

There is a good chance you have heard about my Guarantee Sale Program.  I have it blasting all over the radio and television.  I pioneered this program in Memphis over 13 years ago after helping one of my clients get into her dream home by buying her house from her.  It worked out great; she got her dream home and I had an awesome rental property.  Thus, the John Quinn Guarantee Sale Program was born. 

There are a few copycats out there right now, but I am the only one that has the seal of approval from Glenn Beck, Barbara Corcoran, and Ben Ferguson.  Anybody can go out and buy radio spots and promise you the moon, but to get the endorsements of national celebrities you are vetted to make sure you are really doing what you claim. Heck, I have heard of agents locally that claim to have my very same program. The only difference is they haven't actually purchased anybody's home. I have personally purchased over 50 properties over the last few years and still own over 30 residential properties right now. I am not telling you that to brag, I want you to know that you are talking to the real deal.

The process is really simple and easy.  I will personally come out and see your home. Yes, you will be meeting directly with me, not like the copycats that only send team members out because they have no intention of ever buying your home. I am the man with the checkbook and I am the only one on the team that makes the decision to buy. I want to see the house with my own eyes.

After you fill out the form below, we will call you and set a time for me to come out to look at your house.  I have to warn you up front, I am very direct and will tell you exactly what your home is worth in today's market.  I will let you know what I will pay for your home and what the open market will pay for your home. I have an extensive marketing plan that has helped over 2,500 families sell their home for top dollar. I will even tell you if I think selling your home is not the right move for you.  You will get a net sheet that show all the costs and what you can expect in your pocket when the home is sold.  You will clearly see all the best options available. I am here to help and will do everything possible to help your situation. I will not buy your home if it is not fair to you.

Whether your house is a model home or a burnout I am interested in seeing it. I buy houses in any condition. There are houses that I don't buy. Every now and then I find houses that I am just not interested in buying.  When that is the case, with your permission, I send your information to a number of qualified investors that are as excited about buying houses as I am.

You are never under any obligation to sell your home to me.  However, I will give you all the information you need to make a decision to either sell your house outright to me or to allow me to market your home and sell it on the open market to the highest bidder. 

Find out how this Guaranteed Sale Program will work for you, simply fill in the form below or Call us directly at 901-591-8100.  There is no cost or obligation.

 Be sure to fill out ALL the required fields. The system automatically rejects any incomplete or inaccurate forms.

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