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Widely viewed as the birthplace of rock and roll, Memphis was founded on the high bluffs that dominate the Mississippi River by a triad of businessmen that was led by Andrew Jackson, of the $20 dollar bill fame, in 1819.Owing to its superior location, Memphis, Tennessee quickly developed as the leading transportation hub within the region. Two hundred years later, the strong corporate presence of FedEx assures that the town is still a major force to be dealt with in the movement of goods throughout the country.

Area residents love the wide array of entertainment opportunities that are available to them. From the myriad of cultural and sporting events held at the city’s FedEx Forum to their award winning zoo, the decision to buy Memphis real estate opens up numerous entertainment opportunities for the new home owner. Of particular note, the city’s downtown area is benefiting from an urban renewal plan that has, according to Forbes Magazine, ranked Memphis as one of the top fifteen cities with an emerging downtown area in 2012.

Memphis Shopping and Dining

For shopping and local eateries, Memphis residents have numerous local options available to them. In the case of shopping venues, the Oak Court Mall, Laurelwood Shopping Center, and Chickasaw Oak are all destinations spots for those shoppers who have not chosen to patronize the downtown or historic Beale Street areas. Additionally, if fresh fruits and vegetables are on the menu, both the downtown and midtown sections of town host a number of Farmer’s Markets.

While shopping, Memphis real estate holders have no shortage of options when they begin to feel on the peckish side. Memphis is world renowned for its BBQ selections, and residents can select from such stalwart establishments as: Corky's, Rendezvous, Central BBQ, One and Only BBQ and Neely’s BBQ, which was featured on the Food Network. Nearby Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken has been serving up “the good stuff” since 1953, and the secret family recipe is still a tightly held secret.

Memphis Parks and Recreation

Considering the sheer number of parks that dot the Memphis urban milieu, one might be hard put to remember they’re living in a town with more than 600,000 denizens. The city’s Parks Department is responsible for 167 municipal parks, comprising an impressive 3,219 acres. Not all Memphis real estate is devoted to development, and the copious green spaces afford a wonder feeling of having the elbow room needed throughout town.

Memphis features everything from small neighborhood open spaces to the impressively huge Overton Park, whose 342-acres are nestled in within the heart of Memphis and her citizens. While on the park’s grounds, visitors can explore the Memphis-Brooks Museum of Art, or check out the frolicking animals at the Memphis Zoo. Throughout the city, live bands are providing the music that sets the rhythm in this musically inclined town.

Living in Memphis, TN

The rich tapestry of Memphis’ history, and the booming nature of the town’s development, has provided an eclectic mix of housing options for those looking to buy into the Memphis real estate market. As an example, interspersed throughout the Memphis homes for sale, one may find two-hundred year old ante-bellum properties, or they might gravitate towards the midtown area to set up shop in one of the charming bungalow style of homes that were popular in the 1920s and 1930s.

With a median housing price of just under $100,000, Memphis represents an attractive market for buyers looking for a great deal on property in a great area. Prospective home owners can find just about anything in the Memphis real estate market, and the East Memphis area, and the areas surrounding the White Station School District are highly sought after.

Memphis Schools, Health, Transportation

With 110 elementary schools, 34 middle schools and 29 high schools, the Memphis Unified School District is one of the largest in the state of Tennessee. Additionally, the University of Memphis is housed in East Memphis and a nexus for drawing people into the area. As mentioned, the White Station School District is highly sought after for area students to enroll in for a quality education.

The health care needs of the community are met by the large number of hospitals in town, which includes two of the nation’s largest private hospitals, the Methodist and Baptist Health Care Systems. The former institution has earned the nod as one of the 100 integrated health care facilities in the nation according to Modern Healthcare Magazine.

As one might expect of a transportation hub like Memphis, Tennessee, the area is well served by its transportation network. Memphis is served by seven major U.S. highways, more than any other city in the American Southeast, which serves to help stitch the community together. For travels further abroad, the Memphis International Airport is near the town's southern edge.

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