Nick Clarke
Buyers Agent

Nick believes it is his duty, responsibility, and obligation to help you find your forever home! Being an active member of the military, Nick’s way of life is professionalism, honor, and integrity. He will bring these assets along with his expertise to your unique home purchase. He believes that, “A home needs to feel just like that, home.”  Nick realizes he has more to give the people of this country than keeping the wolves at bay. “I can help you find a place where you feel protected. A place to lay your head and to prepare for the challenges of tomorrow. Your very own piece of the pie! I promise with my right hand raised once again, that I will bring you satisfaction to your home buying experience.”

Call Nick today, “ I am on call to meet your needs 25 hours a day. Yes, I said twenty-five! My loyalty and devotion to your interests are beyond reproach, because your interests will become my own. ”