Common Dangers Hidden in the Home

Most Common Household DangersPeople often feel most safe and secure within their home, because this is their private space where they feel comfortable and confident in their surroundings. However, some of the greatest dangers are hidden in plain sight within their Germantown home.

These are common household dangers that may be surprising to some:

Smoke Detectors

This often comes as a shock to some, since smoke detectors are put in place to protect homeowners and to alert them in the event of rising smoke or burning flames. However, smoke detectors can quickly become a household danger when they are not properly maintained. Changing the batteries in the smoke detector is easy to forget, but a smoke detector with dead batteries will not work. Homeowners should change the batteries on their smoke detector every six months. Experts often recommend doing it in the spring and the fall in order to avoid disaster.

Household Appliances

Household appliances, such as the stove, washer and dryer, are convenience items that can improve efficiency within the home, but they also can be quite dangerous. The kitchen stove top, for instance, is one of the most dangerous items in the home, particularly when young children are present. Children, who are shorter than the appliance and may not understand what it is used for, can easily reach up to the stove top only to burn their hands and fingers. The washer and dryer, which are connected via electrical or gas lines, can malfunction if not properly maintained. This increases the risk of fire within the home. Annual maintenance should be performed on household appliances in order to minimize the risks associated with them.

The Fireplace

Often considered the most inviting and romantic spot in the home, the fireplace can also be a great risk. A natural fireplace needs to be swept and cleaned on an annual basis in order to avoid the build-up of flammable materials. A gas fireplace needs to be properly installed and maintained in order to minimize the risk of sparks and unexpected flames in the living area.

In most cases, routine preventative maintenance will minimize any dangers associated with these common household items. When purchasing a new home, buyers should work with a home inspector in order to identify any potential dangers. Sellers should strive to make any known repairs prior to listing a property. For more information on improving the safety of the home, contact an experienced real estate agent today.

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