Condo Interior Design: 4 Ways to Maximize Space in a Small Condo

Design Tips to Maximize Condo Space

Decorating the interiors of a newly bought or leased condo can ignite one's creativity and establish an inviting appeal for those who visit. However, while condos require less maintenance than single-family homes, they are generally smaller in square footage.

Even spacious condos are likely to have a layout designed to separate areas, posing challenges in the decor phase when making the unit feel larger. Keep reading to learn a few pro tips to give any condo a sense of space that exceeds reality.

Make Use of Clever Storage Solutions

Even in larger homes, clutter can be an eyesore that can diminish the sense of space. However, clutter in condos can dominate the area and make it feel cramped. However, cleverly placed fold-away furniture and hidden storage installations can provide a quick and efficient solution. Opt for multi-functional furniture that is adjustable and pieces that can easily move around, including:

  • Sleeper sofas & Murphy-style beds
  • Fold-away tables
  • Ottomans & coffee tables with hidden storage
  • Fold-down office cubbies and cutting boards
  • Moveable kitchen islands
  • Under-cabinet pull-out shelves

Other ideas for storage are to use under-bed storage containers or invest in a bed frame with drawers. One can also turn stairs into drawers if they have a two-story condo. Not only does flexible furniture clear clutter, but it can keep the cost of interior design plans affordable.

Choose Paint Colors Wisely

There is no need to overcrowd walls with excessive decorations to make them stand out. Ceilings and wall space can become focal points with a strategic painting theme. Most designers recommend sticking with a limited color palette, which can be dark and dramatic or light and airy.

Deep or bright hues can set off individual walls or bring an over-the-top sense of charm to small spaces. Strong colors help give smaller rooms a distinct identity that can genuinely benefit rooms with minimal architectural elements.

Light colors such as grays, blues, and soft greens can bring life to a room while providing a feeling of larger space in any room. It's best to use such a palette in powder rooms, hallways, and smaller areas. These walls are optimal for hanging artwork, mirrors, and shelving to serve as adornments.

Adding mirrors to walls can significantly make rooms feel larger than they are. Hanging tall mirrors and larger ones on walls facing windows and glass doors are standard practices in condos and bring the outdoors in, making the entire area feel grander overall. Placing smaller mirrors in clusters or near lighting sources can also brighten small rooms.

Consider the Scale of Furniture

Condo Living RoomWhile it's unnecessary to use pint-sized decorations or furniture in smaller rooms, a few statement pieces can draw the eye. Larger furnishings and wall adornments can provide a cleaner and less cluttered look versus several smaller ones. Consider large-scale art and moderately sized couches, chairs, and tables that are functional and have clean lines.

Using exquisite wall hangings and mirrors allows for decorating without taking up any floor space. Mirrors are highly effective ways to make rooms that lack natural lighting appear to have additional square footage than they do. Some condo owners choose to line walls with numerous mirrors in various shapes and sizes as a stylistic statement.

When it comes to furnishing each room of your small condo, consider the following ideas:

  • In the living room, opt for a sleek entertainment center and use minimal accents. A coffee table with a simple design is best.
  • If you have a dining room, scale back on the size of the table and chairs. Choose furniture with legs to give the illusion of more space.
  • In the bedroom, go for a larger bed frame and dresser. A king-sized bed may be too large, but a queen will do nicely. If you don't need a lot of storage, forego the dresser and opt for a sleek nightstand.
  • In the kitchen, use small appliances and choose cabinets that are high up.
  • In the bathroom, use a small vanity. If you have a lot of bathroom items, consider getting a small storage unit to put them in.

Think Vertically in Small Condos

Taking advantage of vertical space is one of the oldest tricks interior designers use to enhance smaller condos and homes. Narrow and tall shelving is a remarkable way to minimize clutter that makes rooms look and feel cramped.

Taller shelves and floor-to-ceiling choices can also make rooms appear to have higher ceilings, which will provide a greater visual sense of space. Shallower shelves require less space, which helps in traffic flow, and using bins, boxes, or baskets on them to hold items further prevents a cluttered appearance. When displaying a collection on shelves or curios, choose pieces wisely for a minimalist look.

When a dedicated home office or dining table is likely to take up too much floor space, tenants can take advantage of vertical space to make such installations feasible. Plenty of fold-up shelves instantly become a flat surface for a computer and office supplies. There are also small drop-leaf tables and chairs that fold up and can be hung on walls in dining rooms that can serve double duty as a decorative touch.

Making the Most of Condo Space with Design Techniques

One of the benefits of owning a condo, having the freedom to design the interior of a condo can be rather fun, as smaller spaces make splurging on decor more budget-friendly. One can curate those nooks and crannies to match their style without excessive knickknacks that can cramp spaces and create a cluttered look. Those who need advice can reach out to local interior designers and contractors who have experience enhancing smaller spaces and making them look larger than reality allows. Be sure to find professionals with solid reputations, preferably those familiar with condo-specific design techniques.

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