Home Lighting Guide: Brighten Your Life

Lighting Guide for HomeownersHome lighting can make a big impact on the way people feel when they're indoors. For homeowners living in homes with poor lighting, there are many things that can be done to make improvements. These lighting tips can help homeowners save money while making their homes more attractive and functional with modern lighting.

Go Natural

Natural lighting is free and attractive. Bringing more natural light into the home can make it a more relaxing place to spend time indoors. Even if the windows in a room are small, there are many things that can be done to allow more light in through the windows.

  • Remove heavy curtains and replace them with sheers.
  • Place mirrors on the walls opposite the windows to bounce natural light around the room.
  • Cut down shrubs and bushes that block the window outside.
  • Remove any landscaping features that block sunlight and prevent it from entering the room.

It also helps to clean windows on a regular basis. Dirt can block light, giving the room a dingy quality. When this dirt is removed, then more light can filter through the glass.

Save Money With LEDs

Lighting isn't cheap, but over the last several years, it's gotten cheaper. Now homeowners can leave lights on for long hours and pay only a small percentage of what they paid just a couple decades ago.

For every 10 watts of power used by an LED light bulb, and incandescent light bulb uses 60 watts. Over many years, incandescent light bulbs can cost hundreds of dollars to operate and replace. LED lights operate at a fraction of the cost. Replacing incandescent light bulbs with LED light bulbs is a good way for homeowners to keep their home well lit for a low price.

Get Creative

Creative lighting solutions like chandeliers and pendant lighting fixtures create a focal point in each room. Homeowners looking for creative lighting in the home have a range of choices when it comes to pendant and chandelier lighting, so they can take their pick between slick and modern or fancy and traditional. These kinds of projects are excellent DIY improvments

When picking a chandelier or pendant light fixture, several factors must be considered:

  • Size the light fixture appropriately for the space.
  • Avoid hanging the light fixture in a location where it is likely to get in someone's way.
  • Match the style of the light fixture to the style of the room where it will be hanging.

Traditionally, pendant lighting is placed over tables where people spend time, while chandelier lighting hangs from tall spaces in entry ways and in formal rooms. Homeowners who want to add an element of surprise to their Collierville home can place a chandelier in their bedroom or kitchen, where chandelier lighting usually is not found.

Increase Safety

Dark spaces can be unsafe, especially for older people and for people working with heavy equipment. In spaces like the bathroom, where accidents are a common occurrence, and in spaces like the garage where people often work with outdoor tools, proper lighting is important. Adding extra lighting to these spaces can help improve safety and prevent injuries around the house.

Improving lighting around the home can boost property values and make the home a better place to live. For homeowners seeking an easy way to make their home look cleaner and more inviting, improving lighting can be very effective. For more information about how to improve lighting around the home, talk to a professional electrician or interior designer.

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