Staging a Home on a Shoe-String Budget

How to Stage a Home on the BudgetHome staging can help your home sell quickly and for more money. Even on a tight budget, there are many things you can do to stage your home. De-cluttering, cleaning and lighting your rooms can all be done inexpensively and can prepare your home to be seen by buyers.


Removing clutter can help make your home seem cleaner and more spacious for buyers. 

  • Clean out your closets. Removing excess stuff from your closets can make your storage space look larger.
  • Hold a garage sale. Selling your old, unneeded clothes, furniture, books and other items at a garage sale can result in a small profit which could be used for staging your home.
  • Shred or recycle old bills and other unneeded pieces of paper. Paper has a way of cluttering shelves, countertops and table tops. Sort through this paper to get rid of the visible clutter in your home.

Clean the Windows

Light filled rooms seem cheerful and airy, which can make your home more appealing to buyers. One of the ways to ensure that natural light is able to enter your home is by cleaning the windows. This can be done with a simple mixture of ¼ cup rubbing alcohol, ¼ cup vinegar, 1 tablespoon cornstarch and two cups warm water. Mix these ingredients together, then spray the window and wipe the glass with a microfiber cloth or with a black and white newspaper.

Take Down Heavy Drapes

Another inexpensive way to ensure that your home has adequate light is to take down your heavy drapes to reveal the sheers underneath. This will stop your curtains from blocking the light and will ensure that as much light as possible enters your home. This is especially important in rooms that have a northern exposure, which tend to be dark rooms anyway.

Replace Burned Out Light Bulbs

Burned out light bulbs have a way of not getting changed. This is especially true in light fixtures that contain multiple bulbs, because a single burned out bulb is less noticeable when other light bulbs are nearby and are making it easier to see. Replace all burned out light bulbs in your home, then leave all the lights on during your home showing. This will ensure that potential buyers perceive your home as being light-filled and cheerful.

Hide Pet Toys and Kid Toys

Toys from both pets and children tend to contribute to the visual noise in a room. Many people with children and pets leave toys lying around, either on the floor or on shelves, which can make the room feel more cluttered. If you have pet toys or kid toys in your home, clean them up and put them in a bin or in a basket where they can’t be seen.

Touch Up the Walls

Repainting is a good way to make the rooms of your home seem cleaner, lighter, brighter and fresher. Repainting costs money that you may not have, but even just touching up scuffs and scratches on the walls can help you improve the appearance of your Bartlett home. Use leftover paint to apply touch ups in public places and in rooms with dirty walls, like in a child's bedroom.

Clean Everything From Top to Bottom

One of the best ways to stage your home before putting it on the market is to simply clean the property very well. Remove cobwebs, mop the floors, dust in areas that aren’t often dusted, clean your curtains, shampoo the upholstery and so on. Taking dramatic measures to clean your house can give buyers the impression that your home is well maintained and in good condition.

Spot Treat the Carpet

Spot treating the carpet is a good way to mask the years of wear and tear on your home’s floors. There are a variety of inexpensive household products that can be used to clean your home’s carpet. For standard stains, a cleaner made from vinegar and water or dishwashing liquid and water will work.

Deodorize Your Carpet

Carpeting has a way of absorbing odors, which can leave your home smelling not so fresh. To deodorize a home’s carpeting, sprinkle it with baking soda and leave the baking soda sitting on the carpet overnight. Vacuum the baking soda in the morning to remove the not so fresh smells. Repeat this process as necessary.

Prune Exterior Shrubs

Overgrown exterior shrubs can affect more than your curb appeal; they can also affect the way your home looks inside. Prune back exterior shrubs that block your home’s windows. Doing this will enable more light to enter the home and will also ensure a good view out the window.

Contact Your Real Estate Agent

An experienced real estate agent will be able to show you more ways to stage your home without spending a lot of money. All the tips mentioned above should help you to sell your home quickly. Work with your real estate agent to ensure that each room of your home is inviting and attractive for buyers.

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