Staging Your Home and Boosting Curb Appeal in Winter

Preparing for Home Sale in WinterStaging your home and boosting curb appeal is as important as ever in winter, when gloomy weather and cold temperatures can easily make your property look grim and uninviting.

Turn your home into a beacon and bring buyers to your doorstep this winter with these easy and effective tips.

Let in Light

Short, overcast days can make your home’s interior seem dark and drab, but bringing in extra light can help make your rooms seem more spacious and more cheerful.

  • Remove Dark, Heavy Curtains: Take down your dark curtains, but leave up the sheers. Without window treatments, your windows may look bare and neglected. If there are no sheers beneath your curtains, buy some light cotton curtains to add a finished look to your windows.
  • Set out Lamps: Overhead lighting can be harsh and unforgiving compared to floor lamps and table lamps. Buy more lamps for each room of your home, especially in rooms that rely solely on overhead lighting for illumination.
  • Repaint Some Walls: Dark paint can be attractive and elegant on a sunny summer day, but can bring down the mood and energy of a room in winter. Repaint rooms of your home that have darker paint colors. Medium toned paint is acceptable for larger rooms, but in small rooms, light paints are typically best.
  • Put up Mirrors: Mirrors bounce light around a room, making the room seem brighter and more cheerful. Place mirrors on walls opposite windows to get the full effect and reflect light into dark spaces.
  • Light Candles: Candles let off a warm glow and are perfect to place in corners of dark rooms. Use scented candles sparingly, just in case a buyer turns out to have allergies.
  • Turn on all the Lights: Don’t be afraid to run up your electric bill during showings. Extra light helps buyers get a sense of the true dimensions of a room and can also make the interior of your home seem cleaner and more inviting.
  • Remove Clutter: Clutter darkens a room by producing shadows. Get rid of extra furniture, paper and other objects that may be cluttering the rooms of your home.

Don’t Forget Exterior Lighting

Exterior lighting is just as important as interior lighting, especially during a long, dark winter. Put up garden bed lights to keep your front lawn well lit. Don’t forget that buyers can drive by your home at any time, so turn on the lanterns and other outside lights every night as soon as it gets dark outside.

Keep it Cozy

The weather outside might be frightful and cold, but the inside of your home should be warm, cozy and comfortable. Make your house a refuge from the winter weather by adding touches of warmth and comfort.

  • Light a Fire: If possible, keep a fire lit in your fireplace during home showings and open houses. To attract extra attention to the fireplace, place something decorative over the mantle piece, like a large mirror, a painting or a sculpture.
  • Set out Blankets: Set out attractive throw blankets over the back of your couch, over the arm of a recliner, and on the end of the bed in each bedroom. This helps buyers imagine themselves curling up in your warm, comfortable home on a cold winter night.
  • Regulate the Temperature: Some homeowners keep the temperature of their home low during the winter to save money on utilities. When buyers come to see your property, keep the temperature of your home at a more comfortable temperature.

Add Touches of Outdoor Color

Dead plants and gray clouds can make your home’s exterior look dark and colorless. Adding touches of color to your lawn and your home's exterior can make your property stand out. Planting winter-blooming flowers and evergreens will help.

If you’re looking for extra ways to add color, repaint your door or mailbox in a bold shade of red, green or blue (without going overboard, of course). As a finishing touch, put up a colorful winter wreath on your door. Attracting attention to your door will make your home more welcoming to guests while also introducing more color to your home’s exterior.

Keep Things Tidy Inside and Out

Winter is a muddy, wet time. To make your home seem clean and tidy, spray down your home’s exterior with a strong jet of water from a hose. Remove all dry, dead organic material, like dead leaves, from your lawn. Finally, lay down a large welcome rug on your front stoop to prevent buyers from bringing mud into your home during showings.  

Work With an Experienced Agent

Your real estate agent will be able to make recommendations for staging and boosting curb appeal. To make your home as attractive as possible, working with an experienced agent will help immensely. He or she can make suggestions specific to your property to help you sell your home quickly and efficiently.

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