Receive a cash offer on your home and close in as little as 10 days.

No showings or open houses. 

What homes qualify for the Guaranteed Offer program?

Single family homes under $600,000.  Additionally they must be in either Shelby, Fayette, Tipton, or Desoto County.

How does the Guaranteed Offer process work?

Once you submit your home for a Guaranteed Offer, our staff will verify with you details about your home.  John Quinn will personally review your property and extend an offer to you within 1 hour of viewing your home.

Finally, you have the green light to close in as little as 10 days of accepting his offer.

What type of offer will I receive on my home through the Guaranteed Offer program?

A Guaranteed Offer from John Quinn is cash, as-is, with no repairs.  A Guaranteed Offer makes selling your home simple and easy.

Can I still sell my home if it does not meet the program parameter?

Absolutely! Unlike most investors, when you meet with John Quinn, he will not only give you a Guaranteed Offer, he will also show you what you could expect to get if you decided to sell using the most advanced real estate marketing tools to expose your home to the greatest number of buyers in the area. You are always in control and you make the decisions based on all the information about the market and your home.   

To get your Guaranteed Offer, simply fill in the form below or Call us directly at 901-591-8100.  There is no cost or obligation.

 Be sure to fill out ALL the required fields. The system automatically rejects any incomplete or inaccurate forms.

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